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Back again!!!!! Year 6 blog

On Monday to Wednesday we went to Glan-Llyn but unfortunately Kelly didn’t go. Elisha missed her. :< So when we got there we got into our rooms, unpacked, went over some rules then we stayed in our rooms for a bit. Then after lunch we did Kayaking then swimming.

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Next we had dinner and supper. After that, we had a games night where we were in groups of eight and we would go clockwise and do every activity there was. The next day we did raft building, had a disco, bingo, quiz  (guess that song/person) and High-ropes.Image result for raft building

On Wednesday we ate breakfast and played outside since the rooms were no longer ours. We went to the town of Bala and Elisha brought a wooden dragon in which was Two Dimensional and she had her name burnt onto it and they spelt her name right! Finally! We also got a train to Bala and a coach back to Glan-Llyn. We played Hide N seek family tag then it was time to go home. I was happy but upset to go home.

Thank you for reading this VERY VERY VERY long blog, we hope you enjoyed the blog for this week, thank you again! See you next week.

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