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Hello, your friends Cameron and Alec and we are back with another fun packed week.

Should we get started?

Monday: class 6 went to Glan-Llyn so we had Mrs Mountcastle, Cameron went to the dentist and it was hard but it was not long.

Tuesday: ANCIENT EGYPT ALL DAY (not to mention every other day) and we learnt about mummification. (It was so funny because Ryder dressed up as mummy)

Wednesday: our last day in class 6 we did colouring of the Egyptians such as pharaohs and coffins, Alec went round to Cameron’s house and we had the chip shop.

Thursday: We had Mrs Vardy jones ALL DAY, we did Good Friday And made clay sculptures of animals that live in extreme areas of the world.

Friday: We did maths and we had a supply teacher Mr Owen.

WELL that is it see you next week.

peace out.