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welcome to another blog! Class 4

Welcome back to another digital leader blog directed by Emmie and Caitlin we are going to tell you about the week. So lets go. Tuesday:On Tuesday  we did P.E  and we did gymnastic and we had to partner up with someone, I picked Jazmine. When you had your partner you had to make sequence  including a sumo roll i really liked that lesson .
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Friday 10th of march 2017- Year 4 blog

Hi public, today we are going to do the same old thing tell you about our week. So lets go . Monday:On Monday we came into school we watched pod antur diwrnod y llyfr (world book day). And that was fun .Next we did maths and we learnt a new topic decimals  so 5 over 10 1.5. Tuesday: On Tuesday we did English about
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Friday 17th February 2017- Class 4 blog

Welcome again to one of our blogs. Today is the last day of school then its February  half  term and when we come back it will be the 1st of March. Monday:on Monday we did maths and it was about graphs on the Amazon rainforest and climate we did bar charts and line graphs. Tuesday:on Tuesday we did science  about bugs we went on
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Friday 3rd February 2017

Hi were back its Emmie and Caitlin  we are going to tell you about our amazing week. Monday:on Monday  we Welsh it was so  fun we  did it about our hobbies .Then we had maths we did chuncking. Then we had science. We went to Glan Llyn on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was amazing.        

Friday 27th January 2017 Year 4 blog

Hi this Emmie and Caitlin today are going to do the first blog of the year. We are going to tell you about our crazy week. Monday: on Monday we started in English our explanation/instructional text.Next we learned how to chunk. You take a division question and use a method to get your answer. On Monday afternoon we went swimming- it was so much
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Friday 21st October 2016 week 6

hi its Emmie and Caitlin. we wont be blogging next week because we’re off school (yay) so we’re going to be doing the usual  telling you about our week. Monday. On Monday we went swimming it was super fun. Tuesday  we learnt about Tudor clothes.

week 5 October 7th 2016:):(:)

Hello i’ts Emmie and Caitlin on Tuesday we leaned about the solar system in science. we  used. the I pads to get information We learnt how  hot, how far and how big the solar system is. We drew a poster and wrote information about our planet.on Thursday we had Mrs Vardy Jones for RE which we enjoyed.

week 4 day 25

ITS Caitlin and Emmie were back! To tell you about our week on Monday we went for our Triathlon  swim it was super fun! on Tuesday  P.C John came to visit and he talked about bullying and that it not right to bully. And it was parent evening and our parents looked at all are of our books. on Wednesday we had history we
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week 3 day 21

Were back yes it,s Emmie and Caitlin. Sorry about last week, clubs were canceled because of swimming issues . But anyway were going to tell you about this week. This week we went swimming on Monday it was great fun! O,n Tuesday it was the triathlon there was running and cycling.Swimming  for the Triathlon took place last week. four children got pick out of
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we’re back we have landed in class 4

Hi i’m Emmie an i’m Caitlin and we’re going to tell you what’s been happening.Now were in class 4 with Miss Cross . first off all swimming has gone up to  two pounds fifty you will need to bring a towel  a costume/trunks and goggles.P.E. is on Tuesday don’t forget your kit!