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Our week in class 4 by Michael and Isaac

In class 4 this week. On Monday we have been doing English and maths in the morning,in the afternoon we did swimming- sadly it was the last day. after swimming we did our handwriting. On Tuesday we did welsh then we had English in the morning , in the after noon  we watched class one and two after that we did maths. On Wednesday we did
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Glan Llyn- IMPORTANT information

Good morning, Information regarding what the children will need for Glan Llyn will be sent out at the end of the day. If you would like any more information please have a look at this website- it contains a wealth of information for parents- including the kit list. I suggest (from my experience of taking year 4 children) that children take more than one
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weekly blog by Kara and Isaac

HI this is Kara and Isaac. We are class 4 digital leaders. In class 4 on Monday we went swimming. We have started learning how to tell the time. On Tuesday  we did more maths on telling the time,  phonics and geography On Wednesday we did some art in Miss Ward Evans’s class On Thursday we did some Christmas  craft . That is all
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Class 4 blog- by Alec and Michael

Hi all adults and children reading this! This is Alec and Michael doing another blog. On Monday we did English persuasive texts, In maths we did decomposition in swimming  we swam in the deep end the changing was a havoc, but the bus was ffantastig  (fantastic) Back at school we did some mental maths before we went back home. (Note from Miss Cross- the
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class 4

Hi this is Kara and Isaac We’re going to tell you about what we’ve done in class this week. On Monday in Welsh we read Izzy’n teithio and we went swimming too. On Tuesday we did decomposition and wrote are own poem about clouds. On wednesday we did PE, geography and science. It was fun! We have started making the garlands for our christmas
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Our week in class4.

On Monday we learned about poems by James Carter; What stars are, the shooting stars, night soup, haiku triptych. On Tuesday we have been learning Decomposition. Decomposition is a really good method to take away, it is really fun and we wrote our own ‘what stars are’ poem. On Wednesday we planned a science melting chocolate experiment. On Thursday, we have learned re, how to use commas and fair testing. On
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Class 4 blog

      O On Pudsey day class 4 did a fizzy investigation . It was lots of fun. We don’t have a lot of time today we will blog more next week. Kara and Isaac

Blog for this week – class 4

Hello we are Digital Leaders Michael and Alec. This week in English we have learned a poem from Grace Nichols called cat-shots.We have been writing a poem similar to that poem, and it is called dog- shots. In maths this week we have been learning about times and division x4 and x8 and learning the problems of division and times tables. In science this week we have
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Class four’s blog

Hello this is is Isaac and Kara- class 4’s digital leaders. In English we have been writing about Grace Nichols. In maths we learned how to double, halve, x4 and x8. In science we have been learning  about space, its fun. by Kara and Isaac.

KS2 athletics taster session

Please note that all of the juniors will be having an athletics taster session from Welsh Athletics coach Eva Brewer. Sessions are as follows: Wednesday pm Year 3 and 5 Thursday pm Year 6 and 4 Children will need to ensure they have their kits.