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Back again!!!!! Year 6 blog

On Monday to Wednesday we went to Glan-Llyn but unfortunately Kelly didn’t go. Elisha missed her. :< So when we got there we got into our rooms, unpacked, went over some rules then we stayed in our rooms for a bit. Then after lunch we did Kayaking then swimming. Next we had dinner and supper. After that, we had a games night where we were
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Our first blog in awhile! ~Kelly and Elisha~

In Topic we were doing our WWII Evacuee letters and we were writing about evacuees. In our oracy task we are planning to teach a class in maths. Elisha Is doing year four and we are teaching dividing and multiplying by ten. Kelly is teaching class one and she is teaching measurement. In SEAL we have been doing GOOD TO BE ME and we
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Elisha is back in the house (With Kelly) Class 6 blog

In Maths we did decimals and division and percentages. In English we finished off our biographies of Winston Churchill. In Topic we planned our Evacuee Letters (From WWII). In our planning we wrote about our family, where, food, rich or poor, house and many more paragraphs. In Problem Solving we used reasoning to find out hard problems. What we would do is we would
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class 6 news with Kelly no Elisha today

On Thursday we did our reading test then we did welsh and write about what we did on Dydd sadwrn then we  did English and  had to do  about active voice and positive voice then we did and we had to finish our topic about Winston Churchill and then we did fractions and henrys maths did about   scatter graph and I. C.T work.On
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Kelly and Elisha’s RETURN! Year 6 blog

On Monday we did some Welsh and In Welsh we made sentences out of jumbled words and in English we drafted some Autobiographies. In maths we did some work where we would partition to multiply and in the afternoon we did some History on WW2. On Tuesday we finished off our drafts of our Autobiographies and we did some phonics and maths and then
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class 6 fantastic news by Darcie

fantastic news   Hi its Darcie On Monday years 5 and 6 went swimming in Rhyl. It was fun, then after swimming we all went to have service in the hall and some people got special rewards and play time rewards. On Tuesday we finished off our presentations about the mountains and our non chronological reports  about the mountains too. On Wednesday  we did
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What a wonderful week! ~By Elisha and Kelly~

On Monday Class 6 did some Welsh, Science and maths. We also went swimming. In science we carried on or even finished our lighthouse work.On Tuesday we finished off our Mountains Presentations and we also finished off our Non~Chronological report. It was great fun! On Wednesday we did Maths, English, some Welsh and Topic. I loved the English work because it was poetry. We
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class 6 Lewis and Luke

Today class 6 cleaned the front garden. we cut the trees back pulled up  the weeds and brushed the leaves up. we had 7 black bin bags. Great work everyone!.

class 6 news by joe

Lately our class have been working on multi media presentations about our chosen mountains me, Sam,  and Alice are doing done Kilamanjaro. It needs to include transition between the slides, pictures, videos and sounds.  

Welcome to are new exciting blog

On Monday morning we did Welsh till break and then we did mental maths and game twenty four  we very much in joyed maths. After lunch we did the LNF task which is based on using maths in other subjects. On  Tuesday morning we worked out mean median mode and  range maths all morning. In the afternoon we wrote  our genre stories in  our draft books. Today we did
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