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Lego workshops

Best week ever! Year 3 blog

On Tuesday we made interactive posters about teeth and some of us even got to show the headteacher! We made the posters on thinklink. On Wednesday we did science it was super fun we had three cups full of pepsi, orange juice and water we put half of egg shells in the cups and we are going to leave them for a week. We
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best week ever! :) Year 3 blog

On Thursday it was a super sad day because we found out that our school caretaker Brian died Everyone was crying some people even had to go out of the class to stop crying.We also had some people come to our school and we had to bring our bike or scooter into school because some people came in to check and make sure they
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Lovely last week of school :( Class 3 blog

At the start of every Friday we read welsh books. When we finished reading our book it was assembly time, when we got in assembly they talked about targets and goals. We called out a some people and asked them their goal and asked them if they achieved their goals and only a few people completed their goals and most of them were close.
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The most exiting week ever!!! :) Year 3 blog

On Thursday we did a orange investigation we had to guess which orange was the juiciest orange we had three different types of oranges and when we were finished when all the juice was squeezed out we got to taste it! We also did gymnastics / P.E and we did this warm up game called dvd player and after that we got into partners
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A lovely week of school :)

  We have a new digital leader!!! Her name is poppy and she will be doing blogs with us.   Today it was welsh day and we having been writing our poems on the laptops it was called ill in bed the real poem was by Robert Louie Stevenson and was called the land of counterpane, but we had to make our own poems
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Back to blogging (and school) :) Year 3

We are all so exited to be back at school we have been doing lots of lovely work and it is all so exiting! On Thursday we had an arty afternoon ! We learnt about a artist called Guissupe Archimboldo who made portraits but the faces were made of fruit veg and meat . Another thing to go with our new science topic –
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Children of the World – Christmas Play by Classes 3 & 4

Our topic this term has been Christmas around the world.  Children have been discovering some of the many traditions practiced in other countries at Christmas time culminating in a glorious performance of the musical ‘Children of the World’.   Mary and Joseph with the three Kings. The Messenger Angels. The Choir Angels. The children from Poland. The children from China. The children from Australia.
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Days and days .class3:)

Yesterday we were doing some science ,water goes through red sand slower than loam and we had 4 tests !! Today we were learning about Welsh and Welsh fairs with Mrs Jacobson . In Welsh fair is ffair like fire – Dhyan and Jasmin  – bye .  

Good week <> Class 3 :)<>

This week was good   We went swimming there was a hot pool ! In science we learnt more about fossils and we learnt about a paleontologist named Mary Anning. . There is a new blog post every Friday. Swimming continues  on  10/10/2016 so remember  to bring your swimming kit ! – Dhyan