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welcome to another blog! Class 4

Welcome back to another digital leader blog directed by Emmie and Caitlin we are going to tell you about the week. So lets go. Tuesday:On Tuesday  we did P.E  and we did gymnastic and we had to partner up with someone, I picked Jazmine. When you had your partner you had to make sequence  including a sumo roll i really liked that lesson .
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Children of the World – Christmas Play by Classes 3 & 4

Our topic this term has been Christmas around the world.  Children have been discovering some of the many traditions practiced in other countries at Christmas time culminating in a glorious performance of the musical ‘Children of the World’.   Mary and Joseph with the three Kings. The Messenger Angels. The Choir Angels. The children from Poland. The children from China. The children from Australia.
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hi readers

Welcome back readers! In school this week we had a sports afternoon and an inter house competition. We also did Maths,English, Science and History. In the inter house competition all the juniors where split up into 4 groups: netball cricket, football and rounders.   Until next time!

weekly blog

Welcome readers to our weekly blog, In English we are doing poetry, In Maths we are doing multiplication grids, In History we are doing Tudor exploration, In Science we are still doing animals and their habitats, In ICT we are doing setpos and setxy commands, In Welsh we did historical clothes, In D&T we are making levers for storybook pages, In Geography we are
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Science Week – Links to activities you can do at home

Science takes you places and these 4 themed Fun Science experiments parents can do at home with their children. Bubbles, coin, DIY rocket and balloon kebabs.

Last week of term!

Hello Alec and Michael here. So Monday English was about spiderwick chronicles AGAIN but it is fun work. We learned about the real and imaginary characters of the story. In Maths we did times tables again . In History we did Rich And Poor Tudors- we learned about the life of a poor Tudor. On Tuesday it was safer internet day it was all about
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Hello readers this is Michael and Alec :):)

Hello sorry we were not here the last two weeks because we were in glan llyn and we were on the i pads:) On Monday we did English on Explanation texts we used computers:) Great news(technically nothing to do with what we did) Michael has learnt his 11 times tables!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome so We also did maths on  number lines:( it was EASY:) in Phonics
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class 4 sends you a happy new year .

Sadly Isaac and Kara have left to a different club. Welcome back people,Michael and Alec here, we all hope you had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. On Tuesday we did English (Wallace and Gromit Letter And film.) We learned about explanation texts. We had to explain the features of an Explanation text. In maths we did chunking with remainders Almost everyone didn’t
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Kara and Alec ‘s weekly blog

Hello we are Kara and Alec, two of  class 4’s digital leaders. On Monday we learnt English Persuasive texts it was very, very fun. Maths was fun too It was cool we learnt the Grid method. It was the last swimming on that day all we did was play !!!!!!!!!! On Tuesday we learnt again English we wrote a letter to a author we liked
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Our week in class 4 by Michael and Isaac

In class 4 this week. On Monday we have been doing English and maths in the morning,in the afternoon we did swimming- sadly it was the last day. after swimming we did our handwriting. On Tuesday we did welsh then we had English in the morning , in the after noon  we watched class one and two after that we did maths. On Wednesday we did
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