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Year 5 blog

Hello, your friends Cameron and Alec and we are back with another fun packed week. Should we get started? Monday: class 6 went to Glan-Llyn so we had Mrs Mountcastle, Cameron went to the dentist and it was hard but it was not long. Tuesday: ANCIENT EGYPT ALL DAY (not to mention every other day) and we learnt about mummification. (It was so funny because Ryder dressed up
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Happy Friday looking forward for our blog!!! Class 5 blog

Hi guys we have got some sweet news for you Enjoy! Monday, we did some more Uncle Em welsh work it was hilarious!! Tuesday, Was pretty normal English Maths And Science Wednesday, We had a EPIC show about a lady trying win a writing competition and she goes to a closed library and tells us about stories it was so funny. There was also
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A long wait but WE ARE BACK! Year 5 blog

Hi guys we are back to tell you about our holiday off school! On Monday THIS week we got work where we had to make the most disgusting thing possible for a recipe. That was instruction work. On Tuesday THIS week was normal. On Wednesday we did the most hilarious work in the WORLD!! It was welsh Book on this welsh family when the kids
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On my own this week :,( By Alec, get well soon Cameron! Class 5 blog!

Welcome to dreamland guys its HALF TERM. Golly gosh it has gone quickly! Anyway we have had a busy bee week this time. Monday: Was pretty normal. Tuesday: Still normal Apart from Ms Vardy-Jones on Tuesday instead of Thursday. Wednesday: Extreme Earth my favorite- we did Earthquakes! Thursday: No Ms Vardy-Jones this week obviously  But we had Ms Mason in (she is a supply
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Three in a row it’s like tic tac toe!!! Year 5 blog

This week we have had lots of fun so let tell you about it. Monday and Tuesday: was just normal. Wednesday: we did an amazing line graph and Cameron got in to space land in headsprouts. Thursday: A lady came from the fire station to talk about fire safety and art it was so fun. Friday: Another standard day well that it for today folks tune in
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Cameron and Alec Returns! Year 5 blog

We return from out of the blues, with some fresh news! This week we have done a lot and it is FRIDAY so we can tell you Monday: It was a standard school day. Tuesday: Cameron got in to Dino world in head sprouts! Wednesday: Alec’s phonic group started a new book!!! Friday: Cameron was in the semi final and came close to going
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Don’t worry we’re back. By Alec and Cameron

Sorry we didn’t get to do much done today,The internet connection died out…AGAIN?!?!?!

A New Awesome week

We are back!!! This week we will tell you about school council and our service of remembrance.                                           SCHOOL COUNCIL Chair person- Kai Vice Chair- Emily Secretary- Cameron Vice Secretary- Mason Remembrance service On the 11th of November we will be doing a remembrance service. [It will be funny so get your laughs on!!!]  We had a normal week [A bit boring don’t you think] Right
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Hello and welcome to a new blog, On Monday, a man came to talk about racism, so we know lots now. Today it took us about 25 MINUTES to get Google going, we went through 7 computers between us and year 3!! On Tuesday, PC John came to talk us about anti-social behaviour. On Wednesday, Mr Williams came to do DT with us. We made a
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We’re back again!!!

Hello we are back.Sorry about last week we went swimming for the triathlon. This week we have done lots of stuff, so let’s get started. THE TRIATHLON In the running 1st [Henry] 2nd [Carson] In the Cycling 1st Riley and Henry In school. In English we are still doing Michael Morpurgo Friend or Foe  it is good and funny. In maths we are doing
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